Our Mission

Creating Community

Oxford serves the community by providing well cared-for properties that enrich lives and enhance productivity. 

Core Values



Our Vision

Oxford is the most admired real estate company in the greater Ann Arbor area.

We focus on hiring, developing, and maintaining great people to create a happy, energetic, and inspired workplace. Through our training programs, a culture-based on core values, and our team approach to customer service, we give everyone the opportunity to find a career that they’re excited about. In turn, we are able to deliver incredible service to our customers and clients. By keeping our customers happy, we avoid the travails that more traditional real estate companies face: high turnover, late payments, and lawsuits. Our clients benefit from having well-run properties with high occupancy.

In building our culture, we encourage our team to develop close ties to the community. Oxford is an important community member that serves Ann Arbor on many levels. When people think Oxford, they know we are here to stay, that we believe in our community, and that we work to make our community a place where people want to be.